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How to SSH to Termux Shell


Easy way to ssh to termux shell running on Android


  • A device running Android with Termux installed
  • A Linux machine with OpenSSH installed


  1. Find the IP address of termux using the following command
ip addr | grep 192
  1. install open ssh
  2. start ssh service using the following
  1. Find hostname of termux machine using hostname command
  2. From host machine, perform ssh using the following command
  ssh -p 8022 $hostname@$phoneIp
  1. The END


Tada, You’ve successfully done ssh to termux✨

Use termux to start web-servers (Apache, Nginx etc) just like you would normally do in a Linux machine and you can expose it to the internet using free services like ngrok.

Bonus Tip

replace ssh in step 5 using sftp and suddenly you now have an extremely safe and easy way to transfer files to and from your phone. You’re welcome😊


  • Connection refused: Make sure that your device is connected to the same network as your Linux machine and that the SSH service is running on Termux.
  • Incorrect IP address: Double-check that you have the correct IP address of your device.
  • Firewall issues: Make sure that your firewall is not blocking the SSH connection.

Additional Resources

-Termux Wiki